*Not currently hiring for this position, but accepting applications for future openings!*

Classification:     Full-time, exempt

Company:            Roost DC, LLC 

Location:             1508 U St NW WDC 20009


Annual Salary + Perks:    We offer a competitive salary, exceptional benefits and a commitment to long term growth opportunities for all.  Salary range will be commensurate with candidate’s experience with an eye toward a terrific offer!  

Office Hours:      Monday – Friday  9 a.m - 6 p.m. We also rely on, and expect our Director of Client Experience to ensure, well ... the best possible client experience! This means commitment to after-hour and weekend work to check in on client’s needs.  The Director also offers occasional emergency on-call hours to ensure 24 hour coverage. Though the industry operates on a 24 hour cycle, we are sensitive to work life balance.

Position objective ... objectively speaking!

In this senior level team member, we are looking for someone with at least 4 years of association management experience that will play a leadership role in the design and delivery of the Roost Client Experience “nerve center.”  This role ensures the delivery AND the modeling of best in class building management through exceptional project management, commitment to client/customer service, understanding of, and implementation of sophisticated systems, teamwork and attention to many moving parts and details.  Continuous focus on innovation, feedback loops and supervision of team members will lead to success in the position.  

Team Leadership + Supervision + Best Practices

  • Offer ongoing support and day-today management of the Client Experience team

  • Direct supervision and management of the Client Experience Team

  • Direct supervision and management of the remote support team

  • Training of new and current staff

  • Weekly checkin’s with direct reports

  • Bi-annual performance reviews

  • Oversight and management of escalated issues

  • Back up support while team members are away from their work

  • Prepare quarterly report to push out to entire building portfolio 

  • Oversee project management tracking tools and support systems, continually fine tune

  • Track ACTUAL client experience through surveys and feedback solicitation with report out to company

  • Plan for, and lead CE team meetings

  • Manage on-call schedule for rotating staff

  • Design relevant trainings and deliver

  • Define, fine tune and codify best practices for building management and Roost as a best-in-class company

  • Design and implement workflows that increase efficiency and positively impact the client services team AND the client experience with measurable results and benchmarks


Building Fluency!  Delivery of Portfolio Management  

  • For a small portfolio of buildings, establish strong collaborative and proactive relationships with Board members + residents.  This requirement will appear several times, because it’s just THAT important!

  • Established expertise  in the day-to-day needs of associations and cooperatives in the DC area including: 

    • governance + resident communication

    • building systems and maintenance plans

    • administration (think insurance, licenses and things of that nature)

  • Layout and access fluency (i.e., how to get into the building and where to go when something is needed at the building!)

  • Quarterly walkthrough of buildings and report back to Board 

  • Ensure information tracking for each building is complete and consistent including:

    • current lease and tenant information

    • owner information

    • maintenance schedules 

    • insurance renewals

  • Yearly contract review and solicitation for needed maintenance and service vendors

  • Oversight and coordination of contracted maintenance including:

    • life + safety inspections

    • critter control 

    • sprinkler testing

    • fire extinguishers

    • back flow valves

    • elevator testing

    • trash

    • access control  

  • Coordinate routine or occasional maintenance items at each property including:

    • landscaping

    • snow removal 

    • dryer vent cleaning

    • window washing 

    • power washing 

    • HVAC and filter changes

    • Roof coating and gutter cleaning

    • chimney cleaning, etc. 

  • Respond to all submitted work orders within 24 hours and:

    • resolve requests quickly or;

    • assign tickets quickly with update to resident

    • follow up and track progress with updates to resident(s)

    • ensure completion of all tickets within assigned portfolio

    • bill for any project management time associated with ticket(s) 

  • Support management of large scale/complicated projects, taps in-house project management team to handle and provide the following:

    • building communications support to residents + owners

    • liaise to finance if funds or resources are impacted

    • collaborate with Board on scale and scope of project + decision making

  • Maintain Appfolio and Dropbox files for all associations and make sure updates are regularly made and published to these tools 

  • Keep inventory of keys, fobs, garage remotes for assigned clients and orders more as needed or works with the Board/vendor to ensure adequate stock is available

  • Keep notes/records in property management software of all relevant information (based on internal protocol document), update building pages as contracts/information change; quarterly audit to ensure correct information is available

  • Establish and maintain exceptional relationships with vendors 

Building Board Fluency:  Relationships with Boards, Owners  + Residents 

(yes! That’s everyone)


  • Establish strong collaborative and proactive relationships with Board members + residents

  • Manage governance issues for assigned portfolio including:

    • tracking elections

    • tracking annual owner meetings

    • rule enforcement and house rule fluency

    • understanding bylaws and other governing documents 

    • Understanding the DC condo act of 2014 (we will help with that!)

  • Participate in Board relations including:

    • Prepare for and attend Board meetings and annual meeting (1-3 meetings per year)

    • Send Board meeting notices to owners

    • Capture meeting minutes and file to memorialize 

  • Offer regular communications to residents and board members including pro-active status reports on projects and anything impacting the building (bad AND good!)

  • Provides regular updates to the Board on industry news + local regulations. 

  • Regularly reviews financial packages to understand financial standing of clients. 

  • Set-up and participates in new Board education mini sessions:  Building Better Boards

Building Better Balance Sheets:  Financial Management of Buildings

  • In collaboration with the finance team,  the Director will:

    • Reviews financial packages  to understand monthly expenses

    • Analyze building reserve study to understand long term financial needs of building

    • Assist in planning and administration of special assessments

    • Weekly review and approval of client bills; escalate any concerns to the finance team

Work with team in order to ensure that we are achieving the Roost (Flock) Mission

  • Be a team player

  • Commit to doing the best and being the best

  • Play a key role in positioning Roost as THE BEST management company locally and globally (seriously!)  

  • Support the team in managing emergency situations or urgent issues (all-hands kinds of things - think flooding!)

  • Works to create new and better standards for the work as we grow

  • Identifies opportunities for efficiency, innovation, economy of scale i.e., doing more - better and faster!

  • Represent the Roost and Flock brand to external partners and clients 

  • Have fun!


Skills Required for Success

  • Mininum 4 years experience in association management 
  • Staff management/supervisory experience (3-5 years)

  • Training experience, large and mid-sized groups

  • Affection for drama and smooth conflict resolution or, at a minimum, conflict management

  • Strong written and verbal communication.  You can talk your way out of problems and you can write your way out of problems just as easily!

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Comfortable having regular phone and in-person conversations with clients (internal and external)

  • Ability to solve an array of problems in real time

  • Outstanding account management skills (that’s the client experience part of the job)

  • Superior organization and time management skills

  • Ability to manage challenged (read: difficult) clients

  • Ability to work independently 

  • Ability to communicate clearly and accurately to a range of audiences, both verbally and in writing

  • Ability to be on-call and respond to emergencies as they arise

  • Ability to work a flexible schedule to include weekends, evening and holidays if needed (we’re not going to torture you with evening/weekend comittments)

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Knowledge of Apple systems

  • Ability to quickly learn property management software and tools including Dropbox, Appfolio, Google Docs and Microsoft Office

  • DC pride (plus knowing the city, too)

  • Commitment to the Flock values and mission!

How To Apply

Interested and enthusiastic applicants should send a resume, cover letter and salary requirements to:


Veronica Vivas:  [email protected]

Subject Line: Director of Client Experience


  • We will accept applications until the candidate is seated

  • Roost DC provides a very competitive compensation and benefits package.  Think flexible time off, family leave, paid federal holidays, 401k match, profit sharing, paid volunteer opportunities, student loan repayment, 100% paid healthcare and SO MUCH MORE!

  • Please, no phone calls


Roost DC is an equal opportunity employer