Roost is a community-focused, socially responsible business that puts people and places ahead of profits.
Socially responsible business is the only kind of business we want to be in. As part of our commitment to the community, we donate significant time and fundraise for incredible organizations. We’re also sensitive to the importance of buying locally and supporting our fellow small businesses. Our environmental standards are also part of the fabric of our company. We offset our carbon, have solar panels on our buildings, aim for a paper-free office and support all employees using public transportation with subsidies.  Each quarter, we collaborate with our sister companies Nest DC and Starling DC to offer a one-of-a-kind microgrant program, BIRDSEED.  Doers, disrupters, and makers in the District are invited to apply for funds.  These activities and more are part of the fabric of our culture and we look forward to involving our residents and clients in making a significant difference. 


Flock ties Nest, Roost and Starling DC In Our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the community we serve. As a Flock, we give time, money, space and our passion for real change. We honor makers, doers and disrupters.

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The Roost Difference

Roost DC provides property management services to condo associations and cooperatives in the District of Columbia. We focus on the city proper and work with buildings as small as ten units and as large as 100. Every building in our portfolio is part of the fabric of this city. From small modern buildings, to large historic high rises, we believe every owner, every resident and the management company are essential to the preservation of our city’s architecture, quality of life and rich urban culture. Unit owners and association board members should feel confident that their investment is both protected and preserved.