We’re here to make homeownership easier than ever. We’ve captured some of our favorite questions and put together a list of answers we think apply to almost every resident. Of course, if you have other questions you would like to see an answer to, just let us know and we’ll include them here.
If you are a current Roost tenant click below to access your portal where you can pay condo fees, set up auto-pay and make maintenance requests.
  • What can I do on the owner's portal?
    Appfolio has created their own super helpful FAQs in English and in Spanish
  • How do I pay my condo fees?
    You can set up condo fee payment through your Appfolio portal. To do this, just log into your portal and click on “Pay Now” or you can set up auto payment options by clicking “Set Up Auto Pay”. Questions about payments, send an email to [email protected] and we’re happy to help!
  • Where do I sign into the portal?
  • How do I order a resale or refinance package for my unit?
    We work with Homewise Docs to offer this service. Create a log-in and search for your property for documents. You will be prompted with the appropriate next steps.
  • How do I report a maintenance issue in my building?
    You may log into your Appfolio Portal and issue a maintenance ticket. You will receive an update on the status within 24 hours.
  • There is a building emergency. What do I do?
    Call our offices at 202-986-3088 and an individual on call will be alerted and take next steps to secure the building and engage with your building board of directors.
  • How do I request an updated insurance certificate?
    You can log into your Appfolio portal and the most recent certificate is retreviable under “Shared Documents” on the left hand side of the home page. Not what you are looking for? Send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll get you what you need!
  • I have a maintenance issue I’m not sure is a building related issue or a unit related issue.
    We’re happy to help. Submit a maintenance request through your portal (if it’s not an emergency) and we will be able to help determine whether the issue is something you handle or the building resolves.
  • How do I get additional building keys or fobs?
    Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll be able to give you instructions and pricing on getting additional keys and fobs.
  • Can the building call box be updated with my contact information?
    Every building's policy is different. Submit a request via your portal and we will let you know how updates are made for the building.
  • How do I schedule a move-in or out of the building?
    We’re happy to help with this. There are often rules regarding dates and times when moves are allowable by the association. Please reach out via your portal or [email protected] and we can walk you through the process.
  • I want to rent my unit in a Roost managed building. What do I need to do?
    Every building's policy is different. Submit a request via your portal and we can provide all the info you’ll need.

The Roost Difference

From 2013 - 2023, Roost DC managed condo associations and cooperatives in the city. We operated alongside Nest DC for a decade, and we mixed things up! Roost was designed to be an employee owned company. A point of pride, and a differentiator. We were the regions only employee owned management firm and as far as we know, the only one in the country.

It was our pleasure preserving our city’s architecture, quality of life and rich urban culture. Unit owners and association and board members should feel confident that their investment is both protected and preserved as they transition to our peer management company, EJF.

We’re still here making a difference. Visit birdSEED, our housing justice foundation and come see us at Nest, where we continue to mix things up.