Meet Roost, your small building's new best friend.

Don't go it alone!  We decided to build our Roost because we recognized something was missing in the property management field - a sense of community, a sense of pride and an interest in maintaining and sustaining beautiful buildings and homes with the industry expertise that we've gained over a decade. 

We're the partner you have been missing.  We have a unique program for small associations that don't need traditional property management but need a professional guide through the policies, maintenance programs, governance and management nuances that come with experience.  We can work closely with your building as an engaged consultant to help you effectively self manage without any of the guesswork.

Small buildings are often overlooked or underserved by a traditional management model and day-to-day management isn't necessary or affordable. But that doesn't mean it's easy.  Our small association consulting program is robust.  From vendor search, insurance requirements, compliance issues, and pro-active management, we can map out a path to exceptional outcomes for residents, owners, and future buyers.



Why Consult with Roost?

While management services are an essential part of an association or cooperative’s mechanical and financial wellness, professional management isn’t necessarily a value-added proposition for small associations over time. The District real estate landscape is becoming increasingly populated with small-scale condominium projects with a handful of units. More and more, we hear from small buildings in need of services, but without resources to engage an effective management company. We have an elegant solution to this common problem.

We offer consulting services at a rate of $200 per hour with a six-hour minimum for engagement.  This service includes regulatory guidance, bylaw summaries, and overviews, tax and budgeting assistance, facilities overview and maintenance plan and guidance on reserve studies, house rules contracts and vendor pairing.  And more!  In most cases, a single engagement should get your building in a great place but we can continue to be engaged on an as-needed basis.

Roost DC is an employee-owned building management company working exclusively in Washington, DC. We tend to communities as varied as converted historic Capitol Hill mansions, to buildings purchased through tenant advocacy programs, to newly constructed eight-story Logan Circle developments. As our core service, we offer comprehensive management services including governance, accounting and finance, administration and a maintenance and preservation program.

Please reach out to Lisa Wise at [email protected] or Chelsey Kelly at [email protected] if you would like to work with us!

  • Attorneys
  • Tax accountants specializing in associations
  • Snow, landscaping, cleaning, trash, call box
  • Maintenance services
  • Reserve, transition and engineering study resources
  • Review of association finances
  • Analysis of fees, anticipated expenses and preparation of annual budget
  • Setting up accounts and handling association funds
  • Review of insurance coverage
  • Overview of unit owner responsibility vs. board responsibility
  • Overview of legal requirements for associations and the DC Condo Act of 2014
  • Review of organizational governing documents
  • Tips on handling warranty issues
  • Preparation of draft house rules
  • Guidance on collections and fines
  • Educational tools and resources for board members
  • Building walkthrough with photos and summary report
  • Guidance on scheduled maintenance and services needed